Girl Power

I’m wearing: New Look blazer • Romwe t-shirt • Romwe jeans Kadell handbag  zeroUV glasses • Asos heels

I’m so happy to see all the slogans that support girls in the fashion industry lately. I have a sister (who takes my photos too) so I know the importance of girls support each other and I know how it can change your life having the women you respect support you. I can actually write a whole post dedicated to feminism and girl power. However this time I’ll cut it short and focus on the outfit. When I saw this tshirt online I constantly added to my card. The slogan on it is amazing but also it’s the perfect white tee for me. It has a not too soft but not too rough texture, just the right amount, and it’s a perfect loose tshirt, great for tucking in jeans.

Since it’s not warm enough to not wear a jacket I have to add something on top the t-shirt. And I love to wear graphic tshirts with blazers and actually I’m looking for a good structed blazer since this one I’m wearing today is so thin and looking like a shirt in the photos.

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