Spanish Romance

I’m wearing: Shein bodysuiShein wide leg trousers • Kadell handbag Yoshop earings Asos flats

I’m trying to re-create my closet, if you can tell. I try my best to get rif of jeans (well, not all of them but…) as much as I can and the thing that I realized in this process is how good it feels to wear non-denim pieces. Both my winter and summer closet has lots and lots of denim which you can see easily by scrolling down to my blog. And at this point I feel like I stuck in rut of wearing same clothes over an over again which is not a bad thing if you do not running a fashion blog. My main goal is to

Girls Can Do Anything

I’m wearing: Romwe t-shirt Romwe jeans Jollychic handbag • Asos flats

I’m having the glory of matching almost the same white shades. It’s actually quiete strange that there are so many different shades of white when it cames to clothes. While my jeans are in the warm white side I usually have cold/blueish white t-shirts. So it’s hard to create a total white look with this jeans but I love their fit and thick material thence it’s worth it. I feel very proud when I found this almost off-white t-shirt on Besides the colors (well, technically white is not a color) I have

Mint Co-Ords

I’m wearing: Shein jacket & shorts set • Stradivarius top • Jollychic bag Romwe sneakers

It feels so good to be back from a long break. There are so many things going on these days and there will be many more in the coming weeks since I’m in the process of moving into a another country. I’m counting days until I’ll reunited with my love. I find excuses to start packing but I have to as soon as possible! Besides boring talks about moving let’s talk about todays outfit. I’m so happy to find the co-ord set of my dreams. I have been looking for a good suit during all winter but

A Special Gift To Myself

Today I’m sharing a very special post about self-gifting with charming Soufeel jeweleries. I love the idea of personalized jewelery, it’s a great way to express your feelings and important things and memories of yours. I believe it’s something amazing to invest in. I also have a tattoo on my wrist of my husband’s name so you can tell that I love having symbols of the things which have special meanings for me. There are so many jewelery options that you can personalize on Soufeel from