The Corset

I’m wearing: New Look blazer • Shein t-shirt with lace up belt H&M jeans • Shein bag Mango sandals

In the beginning of this week I was full of joy and was happy about the spring weather, you know, it supposed to be sunny and bright however it’s cloudy and raining. Actually by the time we were shooting this outfit it started raining and that’s why I don’t have that many photos. I guess I’ve never talked about it officialy but we’re planning to go to UK with Okan and hopefully stay there for a while so I guess this is a great preparation for the photoshoots that we will have in the UK. I need to

Girl Power

I’m wearing: New Look blazer • Romwe t-shirt • Romwe jeans Kadell handbag  zeroUV glasses • Asos heels

I’m so happy to see all the slogans that support girls in the fashion industry lately. I have a sister (who takes my photos too) so I know the importance of girls support each other and I know how it can change your life having the women you respect support you. I can actually write a whole post dedicated to feminism and girl power. However this time I’ll cut it short and focus on the outfit. When I saw this tshirt online I constantly added to my card. The slogan on it is amazing but also it’s the

Spring Neutrals

I’m wearing: Shein oversized trenchcoat Romwe cami top Zaful trousers • Kadell bag • Romwe sneakers

I think I’ve lost count of how many times I have said I love wearing trousers instead of denim pants lately. I thinks it’s more refreshing and a great way to step out from my comfort zone which I try my best to do. However even though I like to try some new styles the way I like to wear them is mixing them with the other pieces in my closet already. So it’s very rare me wearing all new items from head to toe, I like to mix and match.

How To Style A Band T-shirt

I’m wearing: Shein long sweatshirt (or here) • Romwe t-shirt Romwe denim skirt • Zaful crossbody • zeroUV sunglasses Mango sandals

Since my insta feed is full of Coachella captures I feel inspired to wear anything close to festival style. I’m not fan of wearing festival or boho style in the street so I ended up mixing it with casual pieces. I picked a black AC/DC tee and paired it with the perrrrfect denim skirt (which definitely the one that I was looking for for a long time) and by wearing an extra long grey sweatshirt I wanted to make the whole look more casual and comfy. My favorite thing about the band t-shirts is their really