The New Little White Dress Edit

I’m wearing: Shein denim jacket • Zara LWD • Jollychic handbag Mango sandals

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I have a feeling like I have too many denim jackets (need a thinking emoji here) Or entirely I have to much outerwear and the truth is I usually wear a top ( a tee or a button up) and a jacket on it. So I don’t find tops that much interesting however I’m not able to wear as much as outerwear in the summer. So I guess I need to invest more in tops or dresses (which is way more harder for me) Anyway I really love this denim jacket since lace up thing is everywhere right now and I’m enjoying it. The

Fresh Feels

I’m wearing: Stradivarius top • Shein trousers • zeroUV sunglasses Jollychic bag Mango sandals

I feel beyond motivated and I’m really enjoying to create frequent content for my blog. It’s basically because of the fresh spring weather and the feedback from you guys. I’ve definitely already mentioned that my sister is the eye behind my photos and it’s hard to find the right time to shoot since she’s studying architecture and very very busy as you can imagine. So I have to be ready always to adapt to her. Mostly we shoot so many content in one day and it’s a little bit exhausting. However I

The Corset

I’m wearing: New Look blazer • Shein t-shirt with lace up belt H&M jeans • Shein bag Mango sandals

In the beginning of this week I was full of joy and was happy about the spring weather, you know, it supposed to be sunny and bright however it’s cloudy and raining. Actually by the time we were shooting this outfit it started raining and that’s why I don’t have that many photos. I guess I’ve never talked about it officialy but we’re planning to go to UK with Okan and hopefully stay there for a while so I guess this is a great preparation for the photoshoots that we will have in the UK. I need to

Girl Power

I’m wearing: New Look blazer • Romwe t-shirt • Romwe jeans Kadell handbag  zeroUV glasses • Asos heels

I’m so happy to see all the slogans that support girls in the fashion industry lately. I have a sister (who takes my photos too) so I know the importance of girls support each other and I know how it can change your life having the women you respect support you. I can actually write a whole post dedicated to feminism and girl power. However this time I’ll cut it short and focus on the outfit. When I saw this tshirt online I constantly added to my card. The slogan on it is amazing but also it’s the