Always and Forever With All of My Heart

This post is the most special and important one I’ve ever shared or probably I will be sharing. I usually stick to fashion and my outfits and I don’t share my life that much here on my blog. But this time, it is beyond that. Today is my birthday and I thought it is the perfect timing for this post. I’m proudly sharing the photos from our wedding day along with our story and what is it like being in a long term relationship. But before that I’d like to thank to my beautiful sister for capturing the most amazing photos I could ever imagine. I do always trust your photography and so happy to have the most amazing sister in the world! @dearnazli

Okan and I met exactly seven and a half years ago in the high school, actually in the very first day of my first year and he was in his third year. I believe being in a relationship in our high school years is something priceless. We grew together and learned so much from each other. I’m aware that it is also a really hard process to manage changing by yourself and keeping your relationship healthy at the same time. And I feel so proud to have a life partner who knows me better than anyone and knows how much I’ve been through. First things first he is my best friend and my biggest support. And I believe this is the biggest advantage of being in a long term

Burgundy Bomber Jacket

I’m wearing: Romwe bomber jacket • Shein t-shirt • Addax mom jeans • Kadell handbag  Asos flats

This look is my ultimate spring uniform, sometimes I change the jacket with a denim jacket or a blazer but basically I wear a simple base like this one. I love a nice loose fit round neck t-shirt with high waisted black straight leg jeans. Actually this t-shirt is the one I wore last week with the lace up belt, they come together but the t-shirt itself is definitely the style I always look for. It fits perfect on shoulders and chest and looks pretty good when you tuck it in jeans. And it doesn’t loose its shape

The New Little White Dress Edit

I’m wearing: Shein denim jacket • Zara LWD • Jollychic handbag Mango sandals

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I have a feeling like I have too many denim jackets (need a thinking emoji here) Or entirely I have to much outerwear and the truth is I usually wear a top ( a tee or a button up) and a jacket on it. So I don’t find tops that much interesting however I’m not able to wear as much as outerwear in the summer. So I guess I need to invest more in tops or dresses (which is way more harder for me) Anyway I really love this denim jacket since lace up thing is everywhere right now and I’m enjoying it. The

Fresh Feels

I’m wearing: Stradivarius top • Shein trousers • zeroUV sunglasses Jollychic bag Mango sandals

I feel beyond motivated and I’m really enjoying to create frequent content for my blog. It’s basically because of the fresh spring weather and the feedback from you guys. I’ve definitely already mentioned that my sister is the eye behind my photos and it’s hard to find the right time to shoot since she’s studying architecture and very very busy as you can imagine. So I have to be ready always to adapt to her. Mostly we shoot so many content in one day and it’s a little bit exhausting. However I